Your Guide to the Most Effective Cat Herbal Treatments


Cat herbal treatments are the best way to ensure your pet’s health and longevity. If your cat has cancer or some other type of disease, holistic medicine can help build your cat’s immunity and stop the progression of the disease. In this article, you’ll learn what to look for in a good remedy.

It’s important to note that all herbal formulas for cat health are not created equal. As a researcher of healthy alternatives for humans and pets, I have found that the following ingredients are very effective, especially when given together in a tonic:

  • MilkThistle – restores, improves and maintains liver function. Contains flavonoids that have an overall restorative effect on the body. The liver cleans the blood so it is essential to keep this organ healthy.
  • Mistletoe – builds strong immunity and helps to normalize the blood pressure. Since the blood delivers nutrients to all cells of the body, this will renew vitality and help your cat to heal.
  • Echinacea – cleans the lymph system and increases immunity. (It is essential to clean the lymph system regularly, especially if your cat has cancer.)
  • Indian Ginseng – this is an Ayuredic herb that increase energy and vitality and supports health overall. It also provides essential nutrients to the blood and restores proper hemoglobin levels.

It’s important that these herbs are made into a tonic with standardized ingredients to make sure that your cat receives the proper dose each time. This will ensure effectiveness and increase the speed of healing. The best quality cat herbal treatments are affordable and have been clinically proven to be effective without resorting to animal testing. The best companies stand behind their products with a money back guarantee because they’ve taken the time to prove the effectiveness of their formulation.

So there you have it: four important herbs that make up the best quality herbal formulas for cat health currently available on the market. When given with healthy food and lots of fresh, clean water and regular love and care, they are a prescription for a long and healthy life.