5 Positive Cat Gestures And Their Meanings


Cats show us their genuine moods in ways that are not always self-evident. When your feline pal exhibitRubbing Themselves Against Yous particular behaviours they are communicating to you and sending you a meaning that may well display the route that they are experiencing about you and the world.

We have gathered together five common positive behaviours and a brief explanation of their means so that you may better understand our feline friends.

Rubbing Themselves Against You

When a feline scratches any parts of its body against you it is recognizing you with its scent glands and claiming you as one of its own. This is a very protected and affectionate gesticulate that is not only complimentary to you as an owner but is the cause of ease for your feline friend.

Your Cat Stares Into Your Eyes

This gesYour Cat Stares Into Your Eyesture is again a source of love. Researchers have stated that when your feline stares into your eyes and winks, opens its eyes wide then stares and winks again then that is the feline equivalent of giving you a kiss and can be interpreted that your feline has both affection and confidence in you.

Your Cat Displays Their Belly To You

Another affectionate and trusting gesture, when exposing their belly openly a feline is indicating that they are comfortable enough to be defenseless around you.

Openly exposing their furry underside while on their back would point out that you have a feline that feels both loved and protected by you and is very complimentary to you as an owner.

Your Cat Follows You Around

A cat that follows you around is indicating that they enjoy being with you and is comfortable around you. Following you and jump-start from face to surface to get closer to you is a clear and positive indication that your feline loves you and wants to be as close as it can to you.

This following behaviour when not associated with an imminent need for feeding is surely the best sign of affection. Although your feline may be a very affectionate buddy, any feline owner knows that most cats are not shy when it comes to communicating their requirements and the degree of care expected from their human caretakers.

TheHappy Tail Dance Gestures Meaning Happy Tail Dance Gesture

Your cat expresses joy and warmth when it holds the tail upright while showing a slight curve in the top of it also known as ‘happy tail dance’.