Cat Behaviour Revealed


Large cats and small cats are all from the same family. It is a matter of fact that their behaviours are the same no matter what age or type of cat. People have domesticated the cat to live with us and they do live with us. They sleep on our beds, eat foods we provide for them and interact with our children. We in turn pet them, fuss them and stroke them daily. Cats love to be fussed, it is a type of grooming for them.

When things go wrong with this delicate relationship where do we turn for help. Many people pop straight to the vets. If the answer is not there where else can we go for help. It is normal for cats to do cat things but people do not understand cat body language that well. We understand they like to stroke our legs with their body but we do not know why. It is the same with other cat behaviours. We like them but we do not know why they do them. It is important to keep a certain level of knowledge about your pet cat so when the delicate balance is altered you can understand what has gone wrong.

Cats are very independent by nature but they will live with other cats. The more cats you have the more problems you might encounter simple because cats are very independent. The more cats you have the more territory disputes you may encounter from your cats. Their natural behaviour is to spray their territory. That territory includes your house. They spray in the places they are trying to claim as theirs. So it could be around their bed, your bed or around the sofa. Anywhere they think should belong to them. It is a totally natural cat behaviour which is common when there are many cats in the house. If it is just one cat you have, maybe you have moved house, brought home a new puppy or there has been a death in the family. All sorts of things can stress a cat. There is no point getting angry with the cat it just gets more stressed and might spray more or run away.

Then there is another problem that is not so common with house cats. Which is not peeing in the litter tray. It is never a good idea to move the litter tray. Never do it if you can help it, just buy another one to place some where else in the house. If you have more than one floor you may need more litter trays. Cats like to be clean so they will use them. If you cat is peeing on the floor it could be because he has a bladder problem. Do approach your vet first to be sure the cat is well. If the vet says he is fine try a new litter. Cats peeing indoors can be very distressing for owners. Do remember it is a delicate relationship we have with our pet cat so be gentle and do not shout at your cat. Instead try to get the bottom of the problem.