Cat Training in 10 Minutes – 3 Effective Ways


If you want to train your cat to become like a dog in which you can ask your cat to sit, stay and heel at your command then cat training is definitely not your way. A cat is a cat. You can only train it to become better-behaved that’s all. But if you are looking at cat training in ten minutes then you will be good to stay on to read.

Cats have a unique characteristic. That is they will only do what is exceedingly rewarding and pleasurable or they will never do what is really unpleasant.

Reprimands do not work when you are training your cat. A cat misbehaves because it seeks attention so no matter if you are around or not, the cat will continue to misbehave just so that the attention given to the cat is already enough of a reward to him.

So what do we do if we really want cat training in ten minutes? Well, I cannot promise it will be over in ten minutes but every of the training methods will last around ten minutes.

1. No More Reprimands

Stop all kinds of reprimands. Just concentrate on making your relationship with your cat fun, rewarding, playful and interesting. Cats have a tendency to become destructive when bored. So undivided attention from you regularly will help calm the cat and solve most of the problems, if not all. A short play session can be as short as ten minutes and that is what I call of cat training in ten minutes.

2. Rewards

Rewarding is another most effective method. But you will need to set up the environment so that it will give you the opportunity to reward and praise him for the good behavior.

Take the litter box training as an example. In reality, regular feeding schedules will ensure that your cat has a regular output session too. Therefore, it will be easier for you to check on him. Just make sure that whenever it is the output schedule, you will have to be around. Ten minutes before that output schedule, take him to his litter box room. Because you are with him, he does not have anywhere to go except that litter box. When he uses it, compliment him like crazy and reward him with a big treat like a nice, chunky salmon. Until you are sure that this training is successful, do not give him free access to the rest of your house when you know he is ready to let loose anytime.

3. Set Up Undesirable Environment

Next is to set up your environment so that his misbehavior is not a rewarding experience. Take furniture scratching for an example. All you need to is to make that furniture tell your cat it is not attractive to be scratched at and your cat will have regrets scratching it. Each cat have different dislikes when scratching. Find out about those and try to apply it to the furniture. For example, some cat do not like the feel of aluminum foil so just drape some on your furniture or even a whiff of menthol is enough. Once your cat realizes that the scratching post is much more enjoyable, that destructive scratching will be disappear. Thus, this is absolutely so fast that it can be a cat training in ten minutes when you prepare the items for making your furniture undesirable.

So these are just some methods for your cat training in 10 minutes routine. All it takes is just ten minutes using the right way, and you can set your cat to becoming better-behaved.