Top 5 Examples of Mind-Moggling Cat Behaviour


I’m a huge cat lover. Here are my top 5 examples of weird, wacky and wonderful cat behavior…

1. Eating cucumber/Maltesers

My geriatric feline friend Floyd has, on the odd occasion, been known to consume both cucumber segments and Maltesers. This struck me as being particularly bizarre – especially when he turns his nose up at similar foodstuffs; apple segments and Crunchie bars, for example.

2. Sleeping in the sink

I’m not sure of the exact benefits cats are provided by sleeping in the sink. Maybe it’s the feel of cool porcelain against their warm backsides. Maybe it’s an attention thing – they know you’ll have to go to the sink sooner or later; they simply lie waiting for the inevitable stroke and “aww look at Floyd lying in the sink” pampering that occurs following the discovery.

3. Chewing my hats

Another disquietingly odd habit recently undertaken my by 20 year old codger of a cat is that he likes to steal my hats, take them to an unspecified location in the house, chew them, and just leave them there. A recent survey of this behavior has revealed that the food bowl is a popular location for chewed hat abandonment. Perfectly normal behavior, I’m sure you’ll agree.

4. ‘Glitchy’ moments

The other afternoon, I was sitting in the lounge watching my cat, who was also sitting. Suddenly, it was as if he was possessed by a malevolent kitty demon, or had undergone some kind of glitch in the kitty Matrix; reversed meows and vigorous head shakes among the inexplicable symptoms of his affliction. This ‘glitching’ lasted around thirty seconds before returning to normal as if nothing had happened. Shall I take him to the vet? Or to a priest? Is there cat priests? Are you a cat priest? Please get in touch.

5. Following me to the bus stop

So yeah, one morning my other cat followed me all the way to the bus stop, about half a mile away from the house. She got on, paid her fare, and sat next to me all the way to work. She got off, came with me to work, helped me with a few pieces of work I had to report in that day, got lunch, and went back home.

Okay, so she didn’t do all that, but she did follow me part of the way to the bus stop, which I found so unbearably cute I had to take the rest of the day off. I’m a sucker for that kind of thing.